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Estate Planning attorney, KC Knox, has helped hundreds of clients from all walks of life establish enforceable estate planning tools designed to meet their specific goals and personal needs. Located in Woodland Hills, she offers reasonable rates and has the experience to help even the most unique requests. No matter what KC does for her clients, customer service is always her main priority. Here are what some of her clients had to say.

"KC Knox is very conscientious and diligent in completing whatever task is before her. She is efficient and effective as an attorney and in whatever else she sets her mind to. She is resilient and can handle difficult matters and people effectively and consistently."
Mary Akpovi, PhD, CPA
Martini, Iosue & Akpovi, CPAs

"I needed to see a neurosurgeon immediately; I called my wife and told her we needed to do the will, the trust, the durable power of attorney, and get the tires rotated before Thursday. I called K.C. Knox and said "Hi, you are now my attorney. I need to have all my affairs in order by tomorrow." She took off like a greyhound at a bunny factory and had it all done almost instantly."
Steve P.
Satisfied Client

"KC Knox came highly recommended to us from our friends. KC was very personable and professional; she made a difficult topic very easy to discuss. An added benefit was that she came to us and we didn't have to spend hours in an attorney's office. We were thrilled that the process was so comfortable and easy to understand!"
Pete and Carmie C.
Satisfied Clients

"Professor Knox is a passionate, intelligent, and energetic lawyer who is also a great educator. I was a student in one of her class and fully enjoyed the experience. Very knowledgeable and extremely clear communication. The entire class was engaged and loved her style. I would love to have her back as a professor or work as a business partner."
Tohru I.
VP Sony Pictures Entertainment